Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Upcycle a store bought card for a 3D birthday


     It's challenge time again at Decorate To Celebrate.  Hop over to their blog for a host of creative
ideas for whatever your next celebration is:  DECORATE TO CELEBRATE.

    For today's challenge, I will show you how to take an inexpensive greeting card and make it a custom, 3D card.


     I have always been a big fan of the dollar store.  On a recent visit, they had some pretty cards for a low price.  So, just with some scissors, glue, washi tape and pipe cleaners, you can make this card your own.

      Lay out your pipe cleaners and cut accordingly so you have the height you want on the card. Wire cutters worked best.   Wrap the cleaners in washi tape, leaving a bit of the top exposed for the candle "wick".

     Cut out the cake, of whatever image you are using.  Save the rest of the card.  Lay out on a piece of card stock and lightly pencil in around the top for your placement of the "candles".

    Glue onto your card stock and let dry.

     Once dry, glue on your birthday case image.  Gluing on top of the washi tape candles, gives a nice 3D look to your card.

     Cut out with decorative scissors and then adhere to another piece of paper and adhere to your blank card.

     I then cut out part of the inside wording and used on the front of the card as well as a decorative flower from the inside of the card.  And that's it.  Such a fun and simple way to create handmade with a store bought item.

    Happy crafting!!



  1. you do such beautiful work and tfs how you make it. just so beautiful. hugs

  2. What a neat idea! Now I've got to go to the $1 store to see what I can remake! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  3. Cool idea using pipe cleaners!
    Lilian DTC teamie
    The Leaf Studio

  4. I've done this with Christmas card before but I love your "new" birthday card, just fabulous!

  5. WOW! fabulous project and a great idea:) TFS

  6. Beautiful card! I love the pipe cleaners~your coloring is amazing and love the sparkle!
    Sherrie K


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