Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting Scrappy With The Buckle Boutique


     As a design team member for The Buckle Boutique, I am so fortunate that I get to play and create with such great product.  The rhinestone sticker sheets are my favorite!   They come in large sheets, are easy to cut and apply, are affordable and you can make so many projects from just one sheet!

     Check out the site for yourself The Buckle Boutique


    By using scraps from previous projects, here are some quick and easy ideas on how to get the most out of your sticker sheets.


    I have not mastered making jewelry from scratch (another item on my crafting bucket list by the way) so I am always happy when I find jewelry blanks on the craft store.  I found this cool silver bracelet that had a nice flat surface and I thought it would be the perfect type of bracelet to use up some bling.

    Cut out very small pieces from your scrap pile.  One of the benefits of the rhinestone sticker sheets is that no matter how small you get the pieces, they are still easy to cut and apply and since the "stones" are gel based, you can easily cut through them and they do not break.

   Once you apply the rhinestones, turn the bracelet over and trim the edges.  Add a single rhinestone piece and that's it.  It is amazing how this catches the sunlight and shines!


    If you use any of the die cutting machines, you are left with what I would call "negative space" pieces.  You may have used the cut out portion for a project, but you are then left with with another opportunity to use the piece.

  • Use numbers for birthday cards, table settings
  • Use letters for birthday cards or a custom hand made card for a friend.  I then added some scrabble tiles.  I love mixing rustic with bling.

  • Use crosses for unique wedding cards or other religious celebrations.  Just use complementary paper and you have a beautiful card


   I loved the way the cheetah rhinestone sheet looked against cheetah paper.  My friend's daughter was graduating from fashion school so I was helping her compile a scrapbook to help commemorate her achievements.  I then added some small strips of gold rhinestones and I think this is a fun chic way to use up your supplies!

Happy Crafting!   And don't forget to check out The Buckle Boutique and start adding bling to your life!

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  1. I agree, keep the scraps and utilize them, nothing is wasted! Love the idea of using the pre-made bracelet, I'm not into making my own


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