Saturday, March 28, 2015

Springtime In Paris Michaels Contest


    I wanted to share my entry for the current Springtime in Paris contest at Michaels.

    I created a hostess gift set incorporating the Springtime in Paris motif onto a wine bottle holder, stationery, coasters, napkin rings, a tablecloth and a frame.

   Fingers Crossed!


   You still have time to enter as well.  Contest ends this Tuesday, March 31 so there is still time to get your creative mojo in gear!

   You can find the information at this website:  Contest Website.  Grand prize winner receives a trip for two to beautiful Paris!  Go over to Twitter and search #SpringtimeinParis #Contest and look at the beautiful entries.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bling Up Accessories with The Buckle Boutique


     I am so excited to be part of the design team for The Buckle Boutique.  Their rhinestone sticker sheets make it so easy to add some bling and glam to anything!   Check out their website for great product The Buckle Boutique Website.  There is also tons of inspiration on their facebook page, check it out and bling it out! The Buckle Boutique Facebook page.

   For today's blog, I took some plain jewelry items and was easily able to add some bling.  I found these items at Michaels and a great jewelry store in NYC High Design Jewelry.  You can use these ideas for any jewelry you  have -- fun and easy let's go!


   Here are the pieces I worked with for this project.  I also wanted an animal print theme for this project and The Buckle Boutique does not disappoint with their selection:

   For the ring, I simply traced the open top onto the back of a rhinestone sheet. Peel off the backing and that's it!   Using a different sheet, I was able to add some bling around the ring itself.  And that's it!

   Bangles will never go out of style and why wear plain when you can wear bling!  Just trace out a piece and apply to the bangles.

   I love these plastic bracelets I found at High Design Jewelry.  Using one of the sections, create a template and then trace that template onto different sticker sheets.  I like laying out the pieces before I apply to insure I like the pattern/colors in a specific order.  And although these rhinestones stick really well, they are also easy to reposition so you have some time to play around with your design.

  And that is just as easy as it is to Bling Up Your Accessories!   #itsallaboutthebling

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Hoop Art - Decorate To Celebrate Design Team Project


     Lately, I have been obsessed with hoop art ideas.  From Pinterest posts and current magazines, hoop art seems to be a big trend.  I have been doing embroidery since I was a young girl.  In helping some friends decorate nurseries, I wanted to incorporate some hoop art for their rooms.

    A recent article in Martha Stewart Living called "Tactile Textiles" inspired me to pump up some baby fabric I had.  Here is the article for you to get your own ideas:  ARTICLE

    My local Joann's Fabric store had great 'fat quarters' of flannel baby fabric.  What I love about these packs is that they have already color coordinated the fabrics for you.  Just pick up some DMC embroidery floss, a couple of hoops, needles and you are good to go.


     Place the fabric within the hoops and tighten the screws so the fabric is taut.

    Using some basic embroidery stitches like chain stitch, satin stitch and french knots enhance your fabric as desired.  There is no right or wrong, it all depends on the effect you would like to achieve.

    I loved this polka dot fabric and added some satin stitches and cross stitches.  It looks like a game of jacks or hugs & kisses.

   And let's not forget the little boys:

   I like the ease of using store bought items and adding a simple, personal touch to your gifts.  You can use these as wall art, greeting cards, gift tags, etc.  The options are endless and a little bit of supplies go a long way.  You can even trace a monogram on the fabric for a really customized look.

  Look for more hoop ideas in the future!

  Some of the stitches I used:

   A great resource for embroidery ideas/tutorials is

   Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby Shower Bling - Decorate To Celebrate with The Buckle Boutique


     You know you are getting older when your friends start asking for  help decorating baby showers for their grandchildren!!  But I love all things baby, so I was up to the task!

     It is also time for a  new challenge at the Decorate To Celebrate Blog and using the great product from The Buckle Boutique, it was time to bring some bling to the baby shower.  The Buckle Boutique  offers a large array of adhesive rhinestone products.   They come in great colors, are easy to cut and adhere to almost anything!   And it takes little time to get your sparkle on. Check out their products:  Click For The Buckle Boutique websiteThe Buckle Boutique Facebook page also has great ideas for your crafty inspiration.

    The Buckle Boutique products used in this example are the white and pink rhinestone adhesive sheets.

    I am currently researching cutting machines, but my new non-stick scissors from Westcott work beautifully on the Buckle Boutique sheets.

    Here are some ideas for your next baby celebration!


    Once again, all my supplies outside of my Buckle Boutique rhinestones came from my favorite dollar store.  Gather up candies, invitations, containers and flowers and for very little investment, you can customize a baby shower, or any party, with some added bling.

  INVITATIONS:  Using store bought invitations, add a simple touch of bling to make them really pop and look even more special.  A nice and easy way to customize and gives your guests a peek into the baby bling!

These sheets are so easy to cut through.  Even starting off with a large sheet and cutting out smaller shapes is a breeze.  And the rhinestones form a grid pattern so its so simple to cut straight lines.

   CENTERPIECE:  Using a plastic vase, add touches of the adhesive rhinestones as desired.  I liked just putting a bit around the top and then followed some of the flower stems with the white stones.  Glue on a simple flower for some dimension, add your candy and that is it.

The backing paper is very easy to remove.  And the sheets stick right away but are repositionable until you are happy with the placement

    I also love these green mason jars...they make a very cute table setting.  Adding some simple twigs and a couple lines of the rhinestones, it makes a sweet statement for your table.  Again, this could be another way to combine party decorations into party favors that your guests will actually use again.

   TABLE NUMBERS:  If you have assigned seating at your shower, take inexpensive containers and cut off a small piece of the adhesive rhinestones.  Add number stickers, fill with mints and place on your tables.  And they are fun to take  home as a favor for the lucky winner at your table during one of those crazy baby shower games.

   FAVOR/PLACE SETTING:  I love these little mason jars I found at the dollar store.  Fill with mints or Tic Tacs.  Using the seal of the lid, trace around your rhinestone sticker.  Peel off the backing and place onto the lid.  So easy and so cute.  Add some flowers for dimension.  This is a very cute and inexpensive way to create shower favors for your guests.  These mason jars have so many uses, people will love them.  And just by changing out the color of your rhinestones and candies, you can use this for weddings, 4th of July parties, etc.

Position your shape on the back of the adhesive sheet and trace.  

   GIFT HOLDER:  Using an inexpensive kitchen canister, cut out a strip of rhinestones and apply 'baby' stickers on top.  Peel off the backing and it's just that easy.  This is a fun way to give a gift of bibs, onesies, socks, etc.  And it is so cute that the new Mom will want to use it in the nursery once the baby arrives.

   And that's how you bling up your baby shower!  With so many color choices, these ideas can be
for any  holiday or celebration.  Check out all the great products at The Buckle Boutique.

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