Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Organize with Bling and The Buckle Boutique


     One of my fav retailers, The Container Store, was recently having an office supply sale and with spring right around the corner, it was time for some organizing in my studio.

    Instead of having just plain boxes, I needed to add some bling and color and The Buckle Boutique rhinestone sheets were the perfect solution.  Check out their facebook page:  FACEBOOK page and their website for great products and inspiration:  Web Page

   HINT:  I like to save my scraps in a little container -- sometimes you just need a little bling for a project so don't throw your bits away!


     I love these chunky stickers I found at Michaels and bought up a ton!  This project is so easy and takes just minutes.

    Based on what you are using your boxes for, lay out the words on a sheet of The Buckle Boutique rhinestone sheets.  Cut out and adhere and that's it! These sheets are so easy to cut.  I'm still researching a fancy cutting machine for my studio, but my Westcott non-stick scissors work really well too.

   I love the color in my studio and the rhinestones really make the sticker letters pop.  This is an easy project to do for a wedding keepsake box, a baby gift -- the look is so easy to change up and since there is such a large selection available at The Buckle Boutique, your opportunities to organize with Bling are endless!

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