Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sweater Rehab....7 no-sew ideas


     Although my husband's favorite sweater was well loved, it was time to say goodbye.  It was worn through in places, big holes in others, stains in some spots and totally stretched out.

     But I thought there must be a way to salvage some of this -- back in the day it was a beautiful sweater.  So here are 7 no-sew ideas.  I have not used the whole sweater -- so let me know if you have any other ideas, I still have leftovers!


1.  Cut off one sleeve, including the cuff.  Using a dollar store vase, simply pull the sleeve over the vase and there you go -- a cozy little vase for your favorite flowers.

2.  Keeping plants in mind.....this sweater had a mock turtleneck.  Cut off completely under the seam, keeping the neck in one piece.   This fits beautifully over my dollar store bowl.

3.  As I was working with the sweater, it felt very Holiday to me.  So for this idea, using embroidery hoops, cut out part of the body of the sweater.  Although it is sweet as it is, the cable also enables you to feed ribbon through the knit.  And I loved the red velvet in contrast with the cream sweater.  You can use as much or as little ribbon as you want.

4.  Here is a fun little bangle idea.  Using the other sleeve, cut off the cuff from above the seam so you are left with a continuous piece.  Again, my dollar store pulled through with this clear bracelet bangle.  Using only a couple of bits of glue, place the cuff over the bangle.  Since the edges can get frayed, I used the same velvet ribbon and glued a little trim on the bottom.  It looks very Mrs. Claus to me while you are wrapping gifts or baking cookies.

5.  On the holiday theme, I had several mini canvas and easels left from my Holiday crafting.  Cut out parts of the body of the sweater and use fabric glue to adhere.  Turn the canvas over and trim the edges.  Paint parts of the easel -- since I loved the red velvet ribbon, I chose red acrylic paint.  Add some chunky stickers (you will need a little bit of glue as the sticker didn't stay too well on the sweater).

6.  Utilizing the other sleeve, cover a plain wine bottle holder for cute gift wrapping.  You can even be adventurous and add little button eyes and nose, could end up being a snowman.

7.  At a recent trip to Michaels, they had really beautiful frames -- buy one, get one.  I can't resist a good sale and I thought this frame was gorgeous.  Cut out part of the sweater body and use in place of a photo.  I also had these small metal marquee letters and added to the front of the glass.  What a nice wedding or housewarming gift this could be!

I hope you enjoy and please leave me any other ideas and I will post them!!


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