Saturday, December 27, 2014

Accidental Art


     Each spring, my husband and I get small American flags from our local crafts or dollar store and place them throughout our garden.  As the parents of a US Marine we love to show our support for all our troops.

    As winter approaches, we remove the flags and dispose of them at the local VFW where they have a bin that collects old / torn flags as it is considered disrespectful to just throw out American flags.

   So when the holiday season arrives, we are ready to bring out the  lights and reindeer and this season, we discovered that we missed one of the flags.  It was buried under a couple of months of collected leaves and garden debris.  And although it looked a little sad, I thought it looked amazing, like a flag that had been around for years.

   Now remember this was a flag found at the local store and was a bright and shiny red, white and blue flag.  It had aged beautifully under the natural changes in our garden.

   We have patriotic art in our living room and thought this was a happy accident and I wanted to include this in our collection.   Visiting my craft store for after Christmas savings, I found a great floating frame (and it was buy one, get one!).

   I very carefully put the flag between the two pieces of glass and have a wonderful new art piece to add to our vintage Americana theme.


     As we start the new year, keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities that art and inspiration is so easily found and will consistently rejuvenate your spirits.

    The EVERYDAY MUSE wishes you and your loved ones a peaceful, healthy and crafty 2015!  Thank you all for being a part of my creative journey.

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