Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Make Your Wedding Sparkle!


     It's challenge time again at Decorate To Celebrate!!  With some of the great products from The Buckle Boutique, you can easily add bling and sparkle to your wedding decor.  For more creative ideas for your next celebration check out THE DECORATE TO CELEBRATE blog.  And to look at all the beautiful trims, buckles and rhinestone sheets be sure to visit THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE website.


     Using silk flowers and a vase/candle holder from the dollar store, and some Buckle Boutique products, see how easy it is to bling up your wedding or other celebration.

     Using a rhinestone buckle, thread onto ribbon.  I wanted to make sure my buckles were evenly placed so after you thread on the buckle, measure around the vase and adhere with glue.

    I liked to have a pattern but you can place however you like.  After the buckles were in place, I added some of the beautiful Buckle Boutique trim below the bottom ribbon and above the top ribbon. For the trim, I used metal/glass/bead glue which seemed to hold them in place better.

   I cut the rhinestone sheet into two different widths to add some interest and applied accordingly.

   You can easily adapt this process for coordinating candle holders.  Not only do they complement your centerpiece, you can also use these as wedding favors.

    A new product from The Buckle Boutique are individual adhesive rhinestones.  For a reasonable cost, these rhinestones glitter just like the real thing and are easy to apply to any surface.  To increase the shine on the silk flowers, I added some rhinestones to the petals.  You can apply as little or as much as you want.  It is a simple way to add some more bling.  HINT:  I found it easier to apply the stickers once your flowers are in place in the vase so you can have a better view of the placement.

    When using silk flowers, I like to use a glittering tulle ribbon inside the vase.  Not only does it easily support the flower stems, it adds a subtle touch of bling for any parts of the vase that you can see thru.

    And you are done and although the Bride will be the star of the show, your tables will also have pretty bling.  If using at an outdoor event, I loved how the sun glinted off the trims and rhinestones.

    Happy Crafting!!

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