Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hand Painted Votive Holders with Bling Accessories


     It's challenge time at Decorate To Celebrate!  Head over to the DTC blog for great projects and inspirations for your next celebration Decorate To Celebrate Blog.  And I couldn't just paint the holders but I felt they each needed some bling accessories.  Check out the great products at The Buckle Boutique to add bling to your life The Buckle Boutique.


     All you need:
  • Glass votive/ candle holders
  • Acrylic or glass paint in a variety of colors
  • Rhinestone sticker sheets / Buckles from The Buckle Boutique
  • Thin paintbrushes
  • Rubbing alcohol wipes
    Clean your candle holders with soap and water and once dry, wipe clean with rubbing alcohol wipes (found at any drugstore).  For these examples, I had three themes in mind:  Holiday, Beach and Wedding.


    I chose red, green and metallic gold for my holiday look.  Starting with the darkest color, pour a small amount of paint on your palette (I use a VERY expensive palette as you can see).  Simply paint dots around your votives.  Once dry, add your second color, etc., until you have used all your colors.  Add a touch of bling around the top and you are ready for your holidays.

   Based on my first approach, I made some changes for my other examples.


     I did not care for the original brush I used so I switched it out for another thin brush. I also found it easier to fill the holder with a papertowel, it made it easier to see what you were doing.   I also painted the dots much closer together and I really liked this effect.  Same process as above.  Make sure you let each color dry before applying the next one.  And I found by overlapping some of the colors it added a nice textured look to the paint.  And of course, some bling to make it sparkle!


    For this look, I decided on a monochromatic color scheme -- all metallic in champagne, titanium and platinum.  Again, I went for a larger dot, and less space around the colors.  And by adding some antique ribbon and a beautiful starfish from The Buckle Boutique, your wedding celebration will sparkle!  

    Happy crafting!

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  1. These are really pretty Patti and thank you for sharing your process for this project.

  2. These are so pretty!
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    The Leaf Studio


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