Tuesday, April 18, 2017

You Drink The Tequila -- I'll Keep The Bottle


     I love pretty packaging.  Many times I wlll buy an item just because I see potential in upcycling the bottle, jar or can!  My husband discovered these airline size bottles of tequila and I made him buy more.  As he is drinking his margaritas, I'm getting busy with some crafting.

    I have been loving the matte resin blanks from Relics and Artifacts and my vision was to create unique additions to the existing bottle tops.

   They take some time, but it's worth it.   You can use these concepts with anything, but here are my ideas.  Enjoy!



-Flaming Hearts Resin Blanks by Relic & Artifacts, designed by Sandra EverstonSHOP RELICS & ARTIFACTS
-Verday Paints by 10 Seconds Studio10 SECONDS STUDIO YOUTUBE
-Empty bottles
-Artists Loft acrylic paints in the colors of your choice
-Misc beads/crystals
-Small paintbrushes
-Disposable gloves
-Martha Stewart Crafts Gilding Kit
-Jewelry adhesive
-Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels in Tarnished Bronze

The Queen Will See You Now:


(For all bottles, clean the inside thoroughly with warm water and a little soap).  Try not to get the outside too wet as I wanted to keep all the labeling intact.) And look for my avatar for hints.

A.  Lay out various sizes of flat back crystals and place onto your pre painted piece.

HINT - take a photo of your layout once you are happy with it, so once you begin to glue after painting, you will know where your pieces go.

B.  Using acrylic paints of your choice, paint the piece.  Let each coat dry before you add another.  Spritz with a little Glimmer Mist to add some antique tones to your heart.

C.  Once your paint is dry begin gluing your crystals and beads as desired.

D.  Using good jewelry adhesive, glue onto the front of the bottle top.

HINT - If you plan on refilling the bottle, make sure the bottom of your heart clears the bottle so it can be opened

SteamPunk Sweetheart


A.  Following manufacturers instructions, coat your heart with the copper base paint.  Let dry at least one hour.

HINT - use disposable gloves when using these paints.  Your manicure will thank you.

B.  Once dry, paint the piece again with the copper paint.  Note:  Only add paint in those areas that you want to react to the patina reactive paint.  While still wet, spray the patina solution as desired.  This reactive process takes at least 48 hours to complete the process.

C.  Once completed, glue steampunk elements as desired.  Adhere to the bottle as described above.

Queen Of The Nile

For this piece, I wanted to recreate an antique look, like something brass that had tarnished after many years.  The VerDay Paints from 10 Seconds Studio makes this easy to accomplish.


A.  Following manufacturer's instructions, coat your heart with bronze base paint.  Let dry at least one hour.  Follow the same instructions as above for adding the patina element.

B.  Once dry, apply the gilding adhesive as desired, following instructions on the package.

HINT - to create the look I wanted, I only added gilding adhesive in select areas.  The gilding paper will attach to only the adhesive.

C.  Let the adhesive set, until it becomes tacky - about 20 minutes.  Place the gold gilding paper, gold side down on your piece.  Using disposable gloves, rub into all the nooks and crannies.  Use the brush with the kit, to burnish and remove small flakes that did not adhere.

D.  Add embellishments as desired. Adhere to bottle as described above.

     I love how all these pieces came together.  They would make beautiful perfume bottles as a special gift, fill with water and use drops of food coloring or just leave them empty.  Happy Crafting and thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful work, Patti! Thank you for sharing your tutorial and tips. We are glad you entered these beauties into the Relics & Artifacts talent search and do hope you enter more pieces. Much love to you!

  2. Thank you so much for such great feedback. I truly appreciate it! Your piece in the current Somerset Studio is beautiful. My son was just recently stationed in Okinawa with the USMC. He enjoyed his time there!


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