Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Decorate To Celebrate with The Buckle Boutique


     I love coming up with crafting and decorating ideas this time of year.  And since it is challenge time again at Decorate To Celebrate I thought it  the perfect opportunity to share some holiday crafting ideas.  With an item from the dollar store, leftover supplies/scraps and buckles and rhinestone sticker sheets from The BUCKLE BOUTIQUE this is a fun and easy project.  For more information don't forget to check out DECORATE TO CELEBRATE for inspiring ideas for your next party or celebration.


What you will need:

-A cutlery drawer organizer or shadowbox/memory frame
-Collection of paper, fabric, stickers etc.
-Clear drying glue -- I like Liquid Stitch

     I find it easiest to pick a color or theme before I start gathering my supplies.  For this example, I went with traditional Holiday colors and some bling.  You can decorate any way you want -- this might be great for holiday photos, using leftover cards or as advent calendar.

    Measure the sections and cut out your fabric, papers or some pretty rhinestone sheets to fit.

    In one section I used potpourri -- I liked the dimension it gave my piece and you get some pretty aroma as a bonus.

   Continue adding elements as desired and that's it.  I also found a mini tree topper star that I thought looked great on top!  You can add ribbon to use this as a wall hanging, cover the entire piece with glass to use as a serving tray.  The possibilities are endless with some leftovers and an inexpensive base to start with.   Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pom Poms Holiday Letters


     It's challenge time at Decorate To Celebrate!  Now that all the Halloween candy is gone, you know it is time to kick it into high gear for the Holidays!  I love using old school products and Pinterest has been swamped with pom poms.  I decided to give it a try and decorate some MDF letters.  My color theme for this Holiday's crafting projects will be on the neutral side, but Pom Poms come in so many different colors and sizes that you can get different looks very easily.


What you will need:
-Wood letters for the saying you want to use.
-Fabric glue -- I love Liquid Stitch
-Pom Poms of various sizes and colors

     Cover your work surface with wax paper.  The glue gets a little drippy so you don't want to mess up your table. I found it easier to empty out the bags of Pom Poms and have them ready to go.  If you start digging around the bags, once you starting working with the glue, your fingers will end up looking like a teddy bear.

   Working in sections, apply glue and then the Pom Poms as desired.  There is no set pattern so the layout is totally up to you.

     Continue working in sections until the letter is completely covered.  Take a look at it from above and fill in any missing spots.  Once they are all applied, press down lightly across the whole surface to insure that all the bits are in place.

    Follow these steps for all the letters.

   And that is all there is to it!  Have fun and in the midst of all the holiday craziness remember to "Be Present".