Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Upcyled Bookends with The Buckle Boutique


     Although I love my e-reader, I am still a fan of my books -- especially my crafting books.  In the midst of spring cleaning I was able to make room to arrange my books.  Instead of going out shopping, I looked around the house and found these old metal bookends.

    Well, they were just not cute enough, so with the products from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE here  is how I jazzed them up.


     I love radiator screen -- there are so many uses for it and you can get a lot of projects out of one, affordable, sheet.  Trace the opening of your bookend onto the metal screen and cut out.  NOTE:  This is NOT a project for the kids.  The ends are sharp -- use gloves, eye protector and cut over a garbage can.  I used regular scissors but wire snips would probably work better.

    Paint a base color to cover the black metal -- I used two coats of white acrylic.  Metal paint might work out better, but I liked the end result.

   Once the base color dries, paint two coats of Burnt Umber acrylic paint.  Use a foam brush because it leaves brush marks that mimic wood.  Again, any color would work based on your desired result.

    I love sugar skulls, and The Buckle Boutique has great sheets designed by Marisa Pawelko.  Cut out a medium size skull -- they cut like butter!.  Peel off the backing and place as desired.

   Measure out your base and cut and apply a strip of the smaller skulls.

    Take your cut out radiator screen and glue along the back of the bookend opening.  The ends could be ragged so cover them, on the back, with masking or Washi tape.  And when the light is just right, the sparkles of the rhinestones reflect on to the screen.

   And that's it, I think these new bookends are adorable.

   Another way to use these upcycled bookends would be for an earring/jewelry display.  How cute would this look in your tween's room???

    Happy crafting!!

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  1. WOW!!!! That is sooo freakin' COOL!!! LOVE it! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  2. Love the radiator screen, must try that! Great double use of a project to make too!

  3. WOW! this is fantastic my friend and I LOVE how you upcylce items:) TFS


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