Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vintage Fashion Illustrations with a bit of bling


    I have always loved vintage fashion and vintage fashion illustrations.  One of my favorite illustrators is Hilda Glasgow.  As a worker in the fashion industry for the last 20+ years, I admire her style and her story.  Her daughter has continued her legacy through The White Cabinet - here is a little bio from their page which can be found here THE WHITE CABINET WEBSITE:

From the 1940's to the 1960's Hilda Glasgow was one of the top fashion illustrators in the industry. She was also my mother. As a woman ahead of her time, born in 1913, graduating from Pratt Institute in NYC in 1933, she illustrated the latest mid 20th century fashions for magazines such as Vogue and a variety of high end department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Best & Co. 

Her original pen and ink drawings had been hidden away for over 50 years in a white cabinet in her Manhattan apartment, now in my home. I decided it was time for the world to enjoy them again.  Here they are in all their glory, as limited edition reproductions, and, partnering with The Pencil Factory, notecards, coloring books and more.  You can even have Hilda's ladies gracing your home as wallpaper by Flavor Paper!

Please take a peek and enjoy. If you are a fan of "Funny Face", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and that little black dress,  then I think you'll find these vintage illustrations  simply divine just like I do! 

                                                                                                             ~Liz Glasgow                        

   The website features great product featuring her illustrations -- from gift wrap paper to compact mirrors, and my new obsession, "Hilda's Sketchpad" -- a coloring book featuring vintage illustrations 1940 - 1970.  This book is high quality and beautifully made.

   I love coloring so this project was a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the studio.  And my utilizing some of the product from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE, I was able to add some dimension and texture to these already beautiful illustrations.  Hope you enjoy and check out both The White Cabinet and The Buckle Boutique for great inspirational ideas.


   Before I started coloring, I made a few copies of the illustrations to practice colors, etc., on before I was confident to use the original pages.

   No rules about coloring -- just relax and enjoy it.  Since I was a kid, I found coloring and coloring books an almost meditative experience and that has not changed all these years later.

   Once I finished the coloring, I chose some rhinestone adhesive stickers to pump up the picture.  For the first example, I wanted to focus on the handbag and other accessories.  From one of your copies cut out pieces of the bag and use as a template for cutting out the rhinestone.  One of the great features of the Buckle Boutique product is that, no matter how small a piece you need, it is easy to peel away from the backing.

   On the second illustration, I thought the original illustration lent itself to some bling on the dress itself in addition to the accessories.  Same process as the first illustration.

   I found these great frames at Michaels and I thought they were the perfect complement to the era of the illustrations.  I still have 14 drawings left in my coloring book -- I can hardly wait to play with these as well.

  Either the coloring book itself or the finished pieces would make a great gift for the fashionista in your life!!!   Don't forget to check out The White Cabinet and The Buckle Boutique and get your fashion/creative mojo going!

  Even Entertainment Weekly magazine had a recent article on the popularity of modern coloring books.  Check out the article here ARTICLE.

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