Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Washi Tape Coasters


     I am happy to see that the Washi Tape trend is far from over.  I love this product -- it comes in a large array of colors, patterns and widths.  It is easy to use -- to cut and apply and it sticks on almost anything.

    I had a bunch of photo coasters left over and thought that Washi Tape would be a quick and fun way to decorate them.  I have used these photo coasters on other projects so I thought they were perfect to use for this, even if the photo part is covered up.

     You can also use plain white tiles from the home store which you can get at really low prices.  This is a nice housewarming or hostess gift and you can even use these finished tiles as home decor items. 


   Choose the Washi Tape colors/patterns  you want to use.  I recommend using three different colors, in at least two different widths.  I tested a few different layouts and for me this looked the best.  And now I am currently obsessed with Tiffany Blue and Gold.  But this project can be adapted to any holiday or event, simply by choosing different tapes.  These are all readily available online and at craft stores and the rolls go a long way.  (HINT:  I tried using duct tape but the washi tape works much better.)

   Simply lay out patterns and play with what looks best to you.  The tape sticks well, but is easy to remove if you want to change your design.  Lay out and I like leaving tails off the edges as it is easier to trim that way.  When you are ready to trim, lay the coaster upside down as it is easier to trim that way. Smooth out any bumps you may have on the tape.

   Once you have applied the tape, use Mod Podge as a sealant.  Mod Podge comes in different finishes.  I choose the Antique Matte finish for this product, but any finish would be fine.

   Apply a thin coat with a foam brush.  Let dry.  Apply two more coats, making sure each coat dries before applying the next layer.  The Mod Podge dries clear, so don't worry if it looks cloudy at first.

   The photo coasters also came with a stand which I added tape to for a quick hostess or housewarming gift.

   And that's is so easy and it becomes addictive after a while.  You will be using Washi Tape on everything!  


  1. love these great idea and so pretty. hugs

  2. Fabulous idea to use the wash for the coasters and they look fabulous!! TFS

  3. Love washi tape!!! Love those coasters!
    Lilian DTC DT mate


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