Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Card & Candy Bag


     It's Decorate To Celebrate time again.  I had seen some Pinterest boards showing 3D ideas and after a visit to my local drugstore, here is what I came up with.


   What you will need:

  • small sandwich bag
  • candy of your choice, my sample relates to those yummy gummy candies
  • scrap paper
  • computer program (I used Microsoft Publisher)
  • ribbon
  • cardstock
  • hole punch


   Using a program like Microsoft Publisher create your graphic.  I find Publisher really easy to use and since I have yet to master drawing, it helps me accomplish what I want to do.  Create one graphic using the size of your cardstock, then copy and paste onto a smaller template for your gift bag.  There are plenty of books and YouTube videos on Publisher or any other software program you want to use.

   For the card, simply cut out your graphic, apply to background paper and adhere to your cardstock.  The image of the fishing pole was the perfect size to add the real fish.  

   For the candy bag, add your candy and seal up the bag.  Take another scrap of your background paper and measure so it covers the top of your baggie.  Measure so it covers 1/2 of the front and 1/2 of the back of your bag.  Use a hole punch and punch through the paper and bag.  Don't punch too close to the top - it will rip when you insert your ribbon.

   Taking a small piece of ribbon thread through the hole.  You may need to open up the hole a little bit to get the ribbon through completely.

   Using your smaller graphic, add to solid cardstock and add to the front of your card. 

 This is a "sweet" project for kids gifts, and think of how many options you can come up with.  Think of those little hearts.  Using different wording and graphics, this idea can be used in many different ways.


Thank you for reading The Everyday Muse. I appreciate all your comments and feedback!