Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Key to my Heart Gift Box


     It's time for another design challenge at Decorate To Celebrate!  Make sure you visit their blog for great crafty inspirations and a chance to submit your own designs for prizes.  For this challenge, I wanted to come up with a fun way to create a gift box to give a goodie to your loved one.  This idea can be used for any size box you may have at home, you would just need to adjust the size of your paper, heart, etc.

     Have fun and I hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into your Valentines gifting!


    For this project you will need:

  • empty box - any size
  • acrylic paint / foam brush
  • coordinating paper 
  • Rhinestone or other blingy material to create your heart.  Since I can not draw freehand I pulled up some heart templates online and used as my guide.  And nothing is easier to use than self adhesive rhinestone sheets from  The Buckle Boutique
  • Key -- you can use old keys that you may have around the house.  I found these great keys in the clearance bin @Michaels.   I wanted kind of an old fashioned/shabby look and these worked perfectly.
  • Ribbon scrap
     Paint the sides of your box with paint color of your choice.  I tend to pick the paper I want to use first and then pick a complementary paint.  Set aside to dry.

     Using your heart template, cut out the material you are using for your heart.  

     I was looking for a little bit of a distressed look, so I removed some of the rhinestones to make it look a little imperfect.

    Cut out your paper to fit the top of your box.  Adhere your rhinestone heart, your key to the paper and glue on to box top.

   Add a piece of ribbon and that's it.  You have a beautiful box to give your special someone that special something.


  1. Lovely gift box and fabulous tutorial as always my friend:) TFS and have a wonderful day.

  2. This is such a pretty project

  3. Pretty, pretty! Love the rhinestones!

  4. I love those rhinestones!


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