Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bling for your little Princess


     My friend called me in a panic.  Her 7 year old's birthday party was in the planning stages and, much to her mother's surprise, she announced she did not want a Frozen party, but she wanted to be a "Sparkly Princess".  

     With the great products from The Buckle Boutique, I knew I could start helping her out with the little princess's accessories.

     The Buckle Boutique has beautiful self-adhesive sheets of rhinestones in a wide array or colors and sizes.

     In addition, sparkly embellishments that will get your bling on in no time.  They are easy to cut and they stick on almost any surface I've tried.  If you are looking for bling, look no further.
Click for The Buckle Boutique website


    Our little princess was very clear for her choice of decor -- sparkly, sparkly and some more sparkles.  I knew her party dress was pink and gold, so this was my jumping off point in terms of colors.


    Our little princess needs to keep her hair neat while having fun at the party.  I found an inexpensive, lightweight headband at my favorite local dollar store.  In measuring the width, I determined it was about 2 stones in the width and just cut a piece out of the pink stones.  I left the bottom empty so it wouldn't irritate her little ears.

    Now you can't have just a plain headband, so I added a little flourish.  While working on some promotions for a couple of rock bands I work with, I had found this little machine that cuts guitar picks out of anything.  And they look like perfect little petals.  The machine works basically like a hole punch, so just like that, you have petals to add to your headband.  And in about five minutes, you are done!


     The Mom was planning on giving out little treat bags, and I had a bunch of these burlap mini totes left over.  I also like the combo of rustic with bling.  Using the guitar pick petals again, it was just that easy to add to the front of the tote.


     A little princess can't go to any party without her lip gloss, so keeping the rustic with bling motif going, I added rhinestones to a burlap makeup bag I had in my stash.  Cut out some strips for the "stems" and then add the petals and random shapes to form flowers.

    The Princess was delighted with her sparkly items and I think I now will have to add to her collection for the party.


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