Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Legal Graffiti with The Buckle Boutique + a new customer coupon!!!!


     As a lifelong New York City girl, graffiti has been a part of the landscape as much as skyscrapers and subways.  Although there has been some amazing artwork generated from this underground movement, it is still frowned upon as vandalism and illegal.  Regardless of your take on what is art or not, I had fun with manipulating some of my NYC photos.

    Using only half of a rhinestone sticker sheet from The Buckle Boutique I was able to add some "legal" graffiti into my photos.  These graffiti sheets are part of the Marisa Pawelko line.  Check out the Buckle Boutique website for a look at all the amazing product available.

    And if you act now, new customers receive 15% off their first order.  This product is easy to cut, peel and apply and stick on to most surfaces (I've yet to find out that hasn't worked yet!).  Here is the link to get your code:  New customer coupon.

   Now here is my legal graffiti:


    You can use any photos that work for you, I took some recent pics on a trip in The Big Apple.  Choose a photo and print out on regular paper.

    Cut out the piece of the photo that you would like to replace with the graffiti sticker sheet.  NOTE:  these sheets go a LONG way, you will get addicted and not want to stop!  Don't worry if you have to cut out big sections of your photo to get to the template.  You won't need to keep the integrity of your original photo.  HINT:  If you have more than one placement, note the location on your paper template and then on the back of the corresponding sticker sheet.  Saves time in figuring out where everything should be placed.

    Once you have the paper template, place upside down on the BACK of your sticker sheet.  This way you will have the right measurement when you go back to apply.

    Cut out the piece / pieces as you have measured.

    Print out the same photo on glossy photo paper -- no need to cut anything out.  Just peel off the backing and adhere your sticker sheet onto the photo.

   And that's it!  This technique can be used in any format and with any photo -- think wedding shots, stationery, scrapbook layouts, canvas.  It really is endless to what you can come up with.  Here are more before / after photos.  Happy Crafting!!   And don't forget to get your hands on some rhinestone sticker sheets with the fantastic new customer coupon!!

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  1. I actually love this, I would never have thought of it, you are so clever. What a creative way to alter pictures!

  2. WOW! how fun is this project!! Great job


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