Thursday, May 14, 2015

Add POP to your Pics


     I always love trying out new techniques and equipment.  I recently wandered the aisles of my local BLICK art store and picked up these paint markers: DecoColor opaque paint marker manufactured by Marvy Uchida.

     I liked these markers because they have a paint consistency but with the control and accuracy of a marker.  Some colors are vivid, some more subtle.  What did I do?  Check it out below!


     I tried this new technique and I think the outcome is fun!  Without using sophisticated photo editing software, I was able to incorporate fun pops of color on some of my photos.

    Pick a few different types of photos -- people, music, landscape, etc.  In a basic editing program like Picasa (Google web application), save your photo and then change your photo to black and white.
Print out on glossy photo paper. Some images work better than others.

   And then just doodle with the markers.  HINT:  Test your marker on a scrap of the photo paper to insure the color will stay on the paper.  This is PAINT, so you need to let dry as it will smudge.  Also, once you are done with your scrap paper, it looks like a mini work of art on its own that you can use to make a card, etc.
Even your scraps look artsy!

    Warning, this gets addictive:


(existing graffiti and street art from a trip to The Highline Park in NYC):

(Fun for musicians)



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