Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Egg Bling


     I love when I can combine my Decorate To Celebrate challenges with being a design team member for the Buckle Boutique.  Both of these sites have creative inspiration with products and projects DECORATE TO CELEBRATE The Buckle Boutique.  And now The Buckle Boutique has reduced the prices for their rhinestone sheets so it is the best time to check them out.

    I decided to bling up some Easter eggs for a fun centerpiece.  Would also make a fun gift to bring to your Easter dinner hostess.


   Since I like to work ahead, I found these great eggs at Michaels.  They are dyeable and I was thrilled to find them.  You will also need some coordinating napkins/guest towels (mine were from Bed Bath & Beyond), rhinestone sticker sheets from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE, Mod Podge, foam brush, a basket, paper filler, twine, flowers.  My color palette was determined by the napkins I found so use whatever colors work best for you.

    Some different ideas to bling up your eggs:

A)  Cut your napkin into thin strips.  Apply Modge Podge to your egg -- be careful.  Use a thin layer and work slowly.  Once the napkin is wet, it could rip while applying.  Cover the egg as desired.  Once dry, apply Mod Podge over the total egg and let dry again.  Then add strips of coordinating rhinestones.  You can also add a larger piece of the rhinestones down the middle and place some of the napkin on either side.

B)  These examples used just the sticker sheets.  I cut up in random shapes and applied.  The rhinestone sticker sheets from THE BUCKLE BOUTIQUE are so easy to work with.  They adhere to anything and are easy to cut.  And even using the smallest,thinnest pieces they are still easy to peel the backing away.

C)  I like creating some eggs with 3D elements.  The first one I call the nest egg.  Wrap the twine around the egg, leaving an oval opening.  Cut out a bird from one of the napkin designs and apply.  Don't glue the entire piece down so it sticks up above the egg.  Add a little bling to the tail.

     The other 3D egg is what I refer to as the Koi egg.  Once I started working with this particular napkin, it felt Asian to me.  Cut out strips of the napkin, leaving a long tail that go past the bottom of the egg.  Once dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge over the entire egg -- but do not apply any to the "tails".  Apply strips of rhinestones to the tails and add a blingy eye.

D)  You can also use bits of the napkin to create a design and add some rhinestones to add bling and dimension.

   For the basket, fill with paper.  I added a little bling to a burlap flower and applied.

  And that's it.  A fun presentation for your Easter dinner table.  This concept can also be used for the holidays -- there are tons of blank ornaments out there so you are only limited by your imagination!

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  1. beautiful eggs. these are just gorgeous. thanks for sharing

  2. That is so crafty. I would have never thought of putting rhinestones on Easter eggs, or of using plastic eggs instead of hardboiled.

  3. WOW! these eggs are just fantastic and a great way to present these in a lovely basket as well:) TFS

  4. Love the bling-bling eggs! =)


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