Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend Inspirations

     This past week has brought me so much inspiration for future projects that I needed to share with my friends.  So in between this Memorial Day's activities and remembrances, here are some ideas to help you get inspired as well!


     After a very LONG NY winter, I am so happy to get down 'n dirty in my garden.  Next to the smell of BBQ, I love having color in my garden again.  After a morning rainstorm, I snapped some pics of my new fav plants.  Think about doing this with your plants -- these simple photos can be used in scrapbook pages, created into greeting cards, printed and framed as gifts -- so many possibilities.  Also with free, easy to use photo editing software ( I like Picasa), you can manipulate your photos and come up with some one-of-a-kind photos.  So start planting!
Love the "1960s" effect on Picasa
Removing some of the color is fun


     A crafty friend of mine, Gina Satrape, posted this photo on to Facebook and I thought this was such a great idea.  With graduations coming up, what a fun way to preserve this memory.  Great gift to the grad and maybe for their eventual first Christmas tree?  And don't stop with tassels.....what about the wrist bracelet you get at the hospital along with your new baby?  Or a copy of your kid's learning permit or first drivers license?  These glass ornaments are really inexpensive and this is another great way to get the "book" out of "scrapbook".


     While once again strolling through the aisles of my local Michaels, I found two frames that just spoke to me.
      I love love love this collection of clipboard frames.  I know I have some around the house, but you can either buy this set or run out to Staples, etc.  They are adorable just as they are, but what about painting them for a nursery?  Or holiday colors?  Spray paint the clips?  Add other embellishments? Also, if you use positionable tape or glue, you can change out the photos.  I think these make a great vignette.
     I always make sure I stop by the clearance bin, and lucky me!  This shadowbox frame and print were adorable.....The frame itself was pretty, but I really liked the image inside.  How easy would this be to replicate?  Very!!!


     A big trend in home decor are marquee lights. and featured some on their pages recently.
     Sadly, I have run out of outlets in my home and I think if I set up one more surge protector I will affect the entire Northeast electric grid.  So how to do an "unplugged" version?  I picked up a couple of wood letters and really cool pearlized dimensional stickers.  And of course some more paint.   I'm thinking I can either use as they are, or get my helpful hubby to cut these wooden letters in half which I THINK will make it look even more authentic.
 Geek Alerts


     While walking through this week's National Stationery Show in NYC, I visited the Scotch3M booth.  They have a great line of decorative tape.  And they are having a craft contest , open to all.  Look for the contest announcement in early June, but here is the webpage for more info when available.
     So you know I'm all about contests!!  I picked up some supplies along with my Scotch 3M tapes, can you guess what my theme is going to be?
ScotchBrand Make Amazing Contest link


    In a recent issue of Country Living Magazine, they had a very cool project idea for mason jars.  With just some glue and gilding papers (gold leaf papers), you can transform any glass jar into an antique looking piece.  Great for your table, parties, etc.  I'm going to try on one of my vintage mason jars, but this concept can be used on anything glass - candle holders, vases....endless opportunities! And thanks to the sheets, tools and adhesive from #MarthaStewartCrafts @ Michaels I'm good to go.
Country Living Magazine Mason Jars Crafts
Country Living Magazine


    I love my EReader, especially with traveling, but there still is nothing like a real book.  And The Huffington Post recently had some very creative ideas for bookmarks.  Some of them were crazy unique!  Check out the post: Huffington Post Books


    And most importantly this weekend, please take a moment to say "thank you for your service" to a military troop member, pray for all those currently serving, thank our veterans and a moment of silence for all lost soldiers.

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