Friday, April 18, 2014

Heavy Metal in The Studio

Ok, so not the Dokken or Cinderella kind of heavy metal, but I am so in love and obsessed with my new ORIGINAL PINK BOX storage cabinet by Viper.  So I had to share my obsession.

First of all, it is pink.  What is not to love about that???  And they have these cabinets in turquoise, black, purple, yellow, metal candy !!!!

For a fair cost, this is one very well made storage cabinet.  There are several different sizes and options, this size fits perfectly under my studio desk (and if you notice there is some room to the left where I could place another one yipee).  This unit also comes with matching drawer liners which keeps everything in its place and just so darn cute.

There's my I want to change out my flooring and rugs!

Here is my new baby...and I am one proud Momma:
Drawer two...buttons and beads

I have enough ink to open a store I think!

My treasured vintage pendants;yarns;threads and inkers
WASHI TAPE FOR DAYS. And my postcards and acrylic blocks for stamps made by my awesome better half
cardstock, cardstock, cardstock.......

Check out Viper Tool Storage for a  list of all their goodies.....also available at Sears, Walmart and

These well made units are a big hit in salons and for makeup artists in addition to crafters and shop folks.  In researching this product, I came across this YouTube video for a young woman known for her make up reviews and her room is something out of  this world!   LOVE HER!

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