Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday DIY Made Simple (Part 2)


     If you are like me, the refrigerator has become a gallery for photos, kid's artwork, etc.  I have an easy DIY project that makes great Christmas presents requiring very little time and materials.  You can choose one image to recreate onto magnets or a "theme" like your child's Christmas photo; an event you all attended, a birth announcement or a DIY Save the Date. I choose images from my son's USMC graduation to give out to friends and family. Even scraps of fabric can easily be applied to these magnet strips.  Your imagination is your only limitation. Any jpeg can easily be turned into Refrigerator Art.


     The only materials you will need are your chosen jpegs; a software photo program like PICASA and a rotary cutter.  The magnet sheets come in packages like this and are easily found in any craft store:

  Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Create a new folder with your chosen images

Step 2:  Upload folder to PICASA.  Choose 'create a pic collage"
Use 'grid spacing' and white background

Step 3:  Print out collage on photo paper; cut out. I changed the
orientation to be long and narrow
Step 4: Place your photos on to the adhesive side of the magnet paper

Step 5:  Using a rotary cutter, cut out photos with magnet sheet

Your magnets are now complete

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