Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summertime Shrine


     A friend of mine recently checked off a big bucket list item -- a home near the ocean.  In addition to hoping for many invitations, I wanted to create a unique home decor item for her housewarming.  Being non-traditional in nature, my goal was to make something personal, maybe a little quirky and not your usual navy/maritime seaside motif.  With the help of products from Relics and Artifacts, I love the way this frame came out.


     Supplies used in this example:

  • Shadowbox frame with mat
  • Photo / photo editing software.  I used Picasa
  • Ver Day Paints from 10 Seconds Studio Ten Seconds Studio website
  • Helios 11 and Coquille matte resin craft blanks Relics & Artifacts Shop
  • Acrylic paint
  • Liquitex Medium
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Charm embellishments San Miguel Collection Website
     My friend loves seashells and I love to photograph them.  Using Picasa, I used various filters to change the look of the original jpeg to make it more unusual.  I practiced with a bunch of different photos until I landed on the one I  wanted to use.

     For the mat, I decided to create an "iron" look.  Using VerDay Paints from Ten Seconds Studio did the trick!  Paint a base of the iron paint, let dry completely.  Add a second coat on the areas you want to add the patina to.  While still wet, spray the patina finish and watch it do its magic.

 I have a shell from a family trip that I have always loved so I tried to emulate the coloring when painting the matte resin blanks.  Use a light hand as it is always easier to add more color.  To get a soft look, when still wet, wipe down your piece with a paper towel and keep adding color until desired.

    For the sun, I didn't want a typical color so for this piece I used the VerDay paints in copper, follow the same instructions as above.  

    Add embellishments as desired to the shells and the sun using a strong adhesive.  I decided to remove the glass from the shadowbox to create a 3D look.


    Enjoy experimenting with new paints, finishes and tools -- you will never know what beauty you can create.


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