Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hanger Wreath - Decorate To Celebrate

     Happy 2015!!  I know we all keep saying it, but really where does the time go?

     I am honored to have been invited back as a Design Team member for 2015 for the Decorate To Celebrate blog.  You need to follow if you don't already.  Filled with great creative ideas for celebrations as well as the opportunity to upload your project with a chance to win a fun prize!
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     Here is my first project for the 2015 team.  Enjoy and get crafting!


     The holidays are an amazing time of year to spend with family and friends.  But, to be honest, one of my favorite holiday traditions is post holiday shopping.  My family knows this about me so, armed with gift cards, I head out to my favorite crafting and paper stores for supplies, ideas and inspiration.

     During the holidays, I found a YouTube video demonstrating how to create a quick and easy wreath out of a dry cleaners wire hanger.  I thought, I have to try this.  So, armed with my gift cards and my handy notebook with musings about future crafting ideas, I created a wreath and just love it.


     You will will need:
       - dry cleaner wire hanger
       -shatterproof Christmas ornaments - approx 50 of med sized ornaments

     I scored this TUBE of Christmas ornaments at Michaels.  With post Christmas clearance AND my coupons, this little beauty came to about $8.99.

    Take your hanger and manipulate it into a circular shape.  Doesn't have to be perfect, as my example clearly demonstrates!

    Now, this part takes a little muscle.  Start unwrapping the wire from the "hook" of the hanger.  A pair of pliers helped me get going and once you get started, it deconstructs fairly easily.

   Once you have it unwrapped, start threading the ornaments onto the hanger.

   For medium sized ornaments, you will need about 50.  Keep adding ornaments until you are left with a small section of the wire remaining.

   Rewrap the open end of the wire -- you don't have to be neat or perfect as you will be covering it up with a bow.

   And that's it, the curved end of the hanger gives you an easy way to hang up your completed wreath.

   Think of getting pastel ornaments for an Easter wreath, red/white/blue for July 4th, etc.  Would love to see what you come up with!

   Best wishes for a wonderful and crafty 2015.


  1. I love wreaths!!! Thanks for the tutorial, Patti...gonna have to try it out!

  2. OMG! I love this Patti and I always love how you give us a tutorial of your projects, I can really appreciate that about your post:) I will have to try this for next year for sure, pinning:) TFS

  3. Oh, wow! This looks amazing! One more on the list of "I have to try it, too"!
    DTC DT mate


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