Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A BOO-tiful Halloween project


     I may not have a little kid running around the house anymore, but I still love Halloween.  I came up with a simple way to decorate your little one's goody bags, and some home decor and card making ideas.  Have fun!


What you will need:

-plain cardstock
-complementary cardstock - Halloween or fall colors
-white glue
-googly eyes
-scissors - regular + decorative
-twine or ribbon
-brown paper lunch bags
-washi tape (optional)
-stickers / scrabble letters
-hole punch
-rubber stamp ink (optional)

To make the mummy:  Cut out a shape from plain paper/cardstock.  I was just concentrating on the head and not the whole mummy body!

Apply the googly eyes first.  Try different sizes and placement and each of your mummies will have its own personality.

Wrap the cardstock with the gauze in an uneven manner.  To save your gauze, you may not have to wrap the entire piece with it, just place on the front.  And that's it!

CARD:  Add paper to your blank card.

Glue your mummy onto a complementary paper and cut out with pinking shears or decorative scissors.  Apply to cardstock.

Using scrabble letters / stickers / or your own handwriting add in BOO.  I added the #Boo to make it more trendy.

GOODY BAG:  Following the same concepts, decorate the front of a brown lunch bag.  This would be fun for giving out to the neighborhood kids or for a goodie bag at your Halloween party.  Fold over the top, punch a hole, cut off the top of the bag and close with twine or ribbon.

BOOKMARK:  If you don't have to worry about scaring little ones, add some red ink and you will easily have a bloody mummy.  Add to a scrap of paper for a cupcake topper, bookmark, etc.  Think of how many ways you can use this!

If mummies are not your thing, make your shape into a ghost.  Instead of wrapping at different angles, cover your piece evenly with the gauze.  Add the eyes on top of the gauze and cut around the whole shape with decorative scissors.

PLACECARD:  Glue your completed ghost onto a placecard blank -- have him peek up over the edge for some added interest.

CARD:  Layer the placecard onto a blank greeting card that you have covered in complementary paper and add some stickers.

DECOR:  I have this antique hanger which I just love.  I added the placecard and thought this made a nice addition to home decor for the holiday.

I wanted to give my ghost a little bit of a beat up look so I dabbed some antique rubber stamp ink to make him look a little older.

And that's it!   Happy Halloween!


  1. TOTALLY cute & fun!! Love this!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  2. Super cute ghost and a wonderful idea for the Halloween treat bag:) TFS


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