Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crafting with Christmas Leftovers


     It's challenge time at Decorate to Celebrate again!  Check out their blog for great crafting ideas and the chance to win prizes.  (Decorate To Celebrate Blog).  Now that the holidays are officially over, I wanted to share some ideas on reusing cards and bits of wrapping paper.  I know my friends and family spend a lot of time and money in picking out greeting cards that speak to them and I just hate throwing them all in the trash once the holidays are over.  So here are a couple of ways I incorporate recycling these into next year's crafts.


     As you begin your holiday un-decorating, keep aside those cards that you particularly enjoyed.

 Here are some ideas:


    I just loved this card -- the motif, the colors just spoke to me.  And I had coordinating paper that I thought complemented it well as a background paper.  Just taking an inexpensive blank canvas, adhere the paper to the canvas and then the card on top.  The card felt like it already had a frame around it and that's it.  You can add some ribbon on the back and use as a wall hanging.  This would be fun to create for your own home or give as a gift, maybe to a young family that are just starting to create their own Holiday decorating.

 Gift Tags:

    It seems simple, but buying gift tags can get pricey year after year.  Take some of your cards and either cut freehand, or use an existing card as a template, you can easily accumulate a stash to use for next year's gifts.  Either a bold design, bold wording or an overall design work best.  Just don't be like me and forget where you put them when the holidays roll around again!

Gift Bags:

     I had picked up some inexpensive gift bags and by adding a cute card on the front makes a special bag for that special gift.


   There were a few cards that I just loved.  I'm keeping those aside for inspiration when the time comes around to do my homemade cards next season.  If you want to cut back on the amount of stuff you are saving, scan these into your computer for future reference.

Ornaments/Package Toppers:

   After all my decorating and gift wrapping, I had lots of little things left over.  I took some plain wood ornament shapes and covered with my bits and pieces.  This is a great way to use up some of your smaller items.  I strung them together to make a fun garland, but these can also be used individually as cute package toppers.

Santa Hats:

   There were a few of those inexpensive Santa hats that have seen better days.  Some of the white wool was dirty, basically beat up.  When I looked at the hats upside down, I thought hey there's a banner in there.  I cut off the worst part of the hats and was left with a fun pennant shape.  For the wool that is not as bad, it makes an easy way to add "snow" to displays or other decorations.

    Look around and think.....many things have more than one life and it is fun to come up with some fun recycling ideas....especially around the holidays.


  1. so beautiful Patty thank you for such a pretty idea. hugs

  2. Wow! I love it! What great ideas to reuse items for decorations!

  3. Fabulous projects and a great way to recycle Patti:) TFS


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