Wednesday, June 25, 2014

July 4th Hostess Gift - Decorate to Celebrate Design Team Challenge


     My mother taught me to never go to someones house empty handed.  With a few July 4th parties coming up and a new Decorate To Celebrate Design Team Challenge - I decided to use this perfect crafting opportunity to come up with some fun Hostess Gifts.  I also decided to limit myself to buying only new things at my fav neighborhood dollar store and spend only $3.00.  Armed with my limited budget and an idea of what my at-home stash looked like, I came up with a fast, easy and inexpensive gift that I know my friends will enjoy receiving.  And they are all functional and can be used once the party is over.  And just think, a little change in color and this idea could also be fun for any holiday!  Have a crafty day!


     These are the goodies from the dollar store, but similar items can also be found at any local general store or the big boxes like Michaels and Target.  There are always amazing things in the clearance aisles, which I tend to go to first.

     First step is the mug....using florist foam I had, I cut off a small piece to place in the mug to hold my star stems securely.  Setting aside three of the stems for the other half of the gift, insert the stems into the foam.

     Trim some of them for different lengths so when they stand out in the foam, they almost look like fireworks or sparklers.

     Using a pretty color coordinated paper napkin, fold 2 -3 of them in different shapes to fill in so the foam doesn't show.  And that is it!

     My second Hostess gift utilized this adorable burlap wine bottle holder -- I love burlap, chalkboard, all those rustic materials.  Using the three stems you had set aside, remove the stems and glue the stars on to the burlap bag.  How you want to lay them out is totally your choice.  And I just love how the stars go perfectly with the burlap.

     I had some left over bingo letters - and luckily had the "U" "S" and "A" ( usually I'm stuck with a z and not much else).  Glue them onto the bag as desired.  Fill the bag with your favorite wine and put some of the napkin you used earlier into the top.  And you are done, and ready to head out for all the fun.

     I hope you learned something new.  Also, sending my thoughts and prayers out to my US Marine stationed overseas as well as all the troops serving now, who have served and who sacrificed everything so that we may be free to enjoy this beautiful holiday with our friends and family.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Decorate To Celebrate Design Challenge "For Dad"...coasters using kids artwork


     As I was thinking of a project for the current assignment for the Decorate To Celebrate design team, "Father's Day", we were also going through some home remodeling.  As I was going through old files, I found stacks of my son's artwork.  Now, if you are like me, your child is a genius, a Picasso in fact, but there is only so much wall space and refrigerator surfaces that you can cover.  Although my son is a US Marine Corps Lance Corporal overseas, there was no way I was throwing out some of his "classics".

    In my local dollar store, I found photo coasters.  They even came in a wooden display box.  And that is when the idea struck me - photo coasters using kid's artwork.  So, here you are!


    Pick out some of your favorite pieces and color copy or scan them.  Unless you want to cut up your baby's originals, copies are the way to go.  Your other supplies:
All you need:  artwork, scissors, glue, photo coasters, washi tape

     Take out the template from the coaster and place around your artwork, finding the parts of the drawing, etc., that will fit the template.  For some pieces, you can get multiple pieces - lay out like a sewing pattern:

     When you have your pieces, glue lightly onto the template.  HINT:   You can use both sides of the template but don't use the same imagery (see above).  If you are creating a "theme" make sure you have different images on each side of the template.

     Optional but you can place some washi decorative tape on the wood holder to jazz it up even more.

   These coasters are great for their original use, but also make cute paperweights for your desk.  These are so easy you will get addicted.

My son's drawing of NYC, pre 9/11

     Changing up the images gives you a whole different vibe, and you can easily store the extras behind your main image.  And they look just as cute in their stand.

    I liked some of them so much, I ended up hanging as mini gallery frames....defeats the whole purpose of saving wall space, but a Mom has got to do what a Mom has to do!!!  Now, get all those little Picassos and Van Goghs working so you will have great Fathers Day gifts.

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Grandads, Uncles and all the men who are involved in a child's life.