Saturday, November 30, 2013

Inspired By The Season


     As mentioned in a previous blog, I was loving the catalog and Holiday cards with old cars and trucks with Christmas trees.

     I found some adorable old-fashioned cars at my local #CVS and the trees at #Michaels.  With just a little glue and twine, I was able to replicate this imagery and I am excited to give these out as ornaments and package toppers.  A plus?  The cars actually run and the doors open.


     Cover the top of your car with a good glue - I like E600.  Add some weight on top of your tree and let set overnight.  Next day just wrap the tree with twine - just like you do when you pick up your tree.  And that is it.  A variation is to use a wreath on the front of a car.  You can even add some mini packages so your finished item looks just  like a Christmas road trip.  So fast and easy.  Each car was $5.99 and a bag of the trees and wreaths was about $10.00.   Enjoy.

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