Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last Minute Gift Idea


     I always try to create some handcrafted gifts for the holidays for my friends and family.  I discovered this technique on pinterest and I love the way these canvases look.


     What you will need:

-Black canvas -- any size
-White Out correction pen or white opaque marker
-White glitter marker
-Red marker

      Research different holiday motifs that you like and you basically just doodle a shape on the canvas.  I was leaning toward a forest/foliage theme this year so I just drew some simple shapes reflecting trees and branches.

     You can always practice  on scrap paper but just let your mind go and it is amazing what pretty little artwork you can create.  (Even my practic page looks pretty!! I'm thinking of cutting it up for a greeting card front!)

   And that's it.

   Sending out big Holiday love to everyone!

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