Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DTC Decorate to Celebrate: A piece of my heart for the Graduate


     A friend of mine was starting to feel that little sense of panic as her oldest daughter gets ready to graduate high school and go away to college.  As a parent, we know we have done a good job when our kids grow up and begin to start their new lives.  But it is a bittersweet time.

     In helping her plan her daughter's party she wanted to do something handmade that she could take with her to her dorm for a little piece of home.  My friend, an avid knitter, had created more blankets than her daughter would ever need and wanted something else.  While speaking with her about it she mentioned that she wanted to make sure her child knew that she took with her a piece of her Mom's heart to keep close by.  And knowing her daughter is a big fan of retro 60s flowers and colors (think the Partridge Family), I came up with an idea that she really liked and was easy enough for her to do herself.

     In keeping with a theme of colors and motifs (blue,reds,creams and chevron), I decided to help her create a lightweight wall hanging (or sitting on her dorm desk) piece.  And for the center piece I used an old NY State map, indicating her home base.  With kind of heart shape, combined with flower shapes, my friend's daughter loved this little piece of home.  (And she liked it so much, she asked me for help to make one for her Mom.  Sweet!)


     Basic supplies:  coordinating paper, template or banner template (I like the one from The Paper Source); glue, pencil, stickers, Mod Podge, foamcore, old map (or print something off Google).

     Once you decide on your papers, trace out your template shape on the reverse side of your papers. Do this for the map as well. Based on this size template, you can get 2 shapes out of (1) 12" x 12" piece of paper.  HINT:  if your paper has writing on it, make sure you position your template correctly so the words will appear right side up.

     Before starting to glue, arrange your papers in the order you like.  Cover your piece of foam core with the Mod Podge and start adding your papers.  Don't worry about the middle where the points meet.  That will be covered up by your map. Once applied, cover everything with a thin coat of the Mod Podge.  Add your map shape to the middle section.

     Let dry overnight and then add your embellishments.

     Depending on the papers you choose, you could do one with a baby theme, a map of where you live and send to far away grandparents or other family members.  Think about small versions for party favors.  There are also a million type of shapes, stickers, etc., but whatever you choose, someone will know they have a piece of your heart wherever they may be.

    God Bless all the 2014 graduates whether you are graduating pre-school or medical school, make it a glorious future.


  1. this is so cool love this idea. great project for a grad. love it. hugs

  2. What a great idea - Super fun being team mate for two weeks Love the colors and the project.
    DCD “Graduation challenge this week. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L. Guest Designer for DCD

  3. This is so creative and fabulous!! What a great idea!! I love that you used the map!! So fun!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Hi Patti:) Awesome project and great idea. Have a great evening.


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