Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Hang Ups


     I am always looking for interesting ways to display my holiday cards.  I found this idea on Martha Stewart's website last year and I have seen various versions of it on Pinterest.
     Very easy and affordable - supplies cost less than $10 @ Michaels - and this time of year, trust  me, I am watching everything I am spending!


     All you need for this project will be:
-    a 14" embroidery  hoop
-    craft size clothespins
-    jar of snow paint
-    red bow
-    wooden Noel (or your choice) premade wood sign

1.  Glue the clothespins around the embroidery hoop.  Alternate with the "pinchy" part facing up and down.
2.  Add dabs of snow paint as desired.
3.  Add bow and wooden ornament

And just like that you have a card wreath.  Check out my HOMEMADE HOLIDAY board on Pinterest for more easy and cool Holiday ideas:


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